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  • A professional lecturer of Classical Chinese Medicine at the SinoBiological Society in Prague and Slovakia
  • Teacher and lecturer: Symbology of Body and Disease, Psychodiagnostics, Classical Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Internal Alchemy, Human Energoinformation Systems, Qigong, Partner Internal Alchemy
  • 20-year practice as a practitioner and therapist of classical Chinese medicine, health consultant, psychodiagnostics and life coaching
  • Certified 4th Year Study of Guang Ming University Beijing, Prague Department: Acupuncture and Moxibus,  Practice at Dong Zhi Men Hospital, Beijing, China
  • Yi-jing Study, Chinese Astrology and Symbology of Disease from Yi-jing and Acupuncture (France)
  • Study of human energoinformation systems and external influences on humans and their health
  • Study of constitutional Taoist acupuncture of stems and branches and acupuncture 5 elements (Sweden, Israel)

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