The transition period to spring according to Classical Chinese Medicine from 17.january to 03.february

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What is acupuncture treatment and prevention in the transition from one period to the next one? According to classical chinese medicine….every season comes with one of the elements, which of course also affects the human body and has an impact on the disease. Therefore sometimes it happens that there are some diseases in certain seasons stronger, but at different times in turn to lose its strength. For the transition from one period to another is responsible element belong to the earth and it is always some two weeks a year (more precisely 18 days)
These transitions periods are difficult for the human body and so in these times are more colds, flu, infections, sometimes even epidemics.
The transition from winter to spring is determined according to the Chinese calendar from 17.january to 03.february

During this period, if the therapy supports the earth element in the body, the better the chance that a person will be healthier in the spring and he will not have bigger problems in the transition period
If you are unable to come to therapy of the Chinese medicine or have other techniques to prevent your health that you prefer, please pay your attention to supporting the element of Earth, support of the spleen, pancreas and stomach.

PS: One of the ways to support the Earth is to eat rice porridge (Zhou in Chinese ). The recipe for the preparation of porridge can be found on our website in the download section