Inner alchemy

New and better way of life

Balance, way of life, a new better way for knowing. Today, we often live by certain rules and norms, we are used to a certain type of answers, and with the ever-increasing hustle and bustle around us, we also have to face rapid changes in our mental states. Although internal alchemy can not be grasped tangibly, it can be perceived very intensely. For people interested in internal alchemy, their internal progress and change, we have prepared our internal school with accredited lecturers, downloadable materials or videos and blogs that will be of great benefit to your life.

In the Middle Ages, the word “alchemy” was used in connection with chemical experiments to convert common metals into precious metals (gold, silver). Nowadays, the phrase “inner alchemy” could be symbolically understood as the transformation of a man with a small “m” (at the beginning of the word) into a man with a big “M” and the development of his virtues at all levels of being.

And this is what our logo says: 5 circles as 5 elements and 5 “realms” in classical Chinese medicine, in which man works on his transformation (internal alchemy), namely: fire symbolizes the spiritual side, wood is emotional side, the earth is mental side of human, metal is the energy side and finally water symbolizes the physical side of man.

Inner alchemy school

Principles of human functioning and its laws 

The study will provide an overview of a person’s functioning at all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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